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Market Research: 8 Proactive Moves to Make in the Early Stages of a Product Test


In custom market research, product testing is the name of the game.

Whether you’re employing qualitative or quantitative research methods, getting off on the right foot is critical to the success of your study.  Follow these steps and you will avoid many mishaps common to early phases in market research studies.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – Knowing where you want to be is the first step to a successful arrival.
  2. Plan, Plan and Plan Again – Having a proper game plan goes a long way toward making sure your study doesn’t derail before it leaves the station.  Playing catch-up during the study is never beneficial.
  3. Develop Contingency Plans – Creating paths of action in the event mishaps become reality can be lifesavers when timing leaves no room for hiccups.
  4. Talk to Jane, Mike and Sally – Thorough communication with everyone involved in the early stages of a product test gives your team time to develop their own plans to handle respective responsibilities.
  5. Lengthen the Game – Allowing for extra time, when it’s available, goes a long way in avoiding the inevitable pitfalls that accompany rushed actions.
  6. Call Upstairs – Utilize other people in your company who have been involved in similar studies.  Knowing what has worked and what has failed in the past can be used to your advantage in completing a successful result.
  7. Dry Runs Can Be Fun and Informative – When budgeting and time permit, running a test-test will unearth unexpected issues and make room for process refinements that will fine tune the process.
  8. Have Faith, But Not Too Much – Check in regularly with your market research firm team members and don’t be hesitant to offer suggestions and advice.  Staying involved goes a long way in obtaining your desired results.

Would you like to learn more about how you can be better prepared to work with a market research firm?  I’m happy to help. Feel free to contact me by email and I’ll do my best to assist you.

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