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Marketing ROI

Marketing 101 – Return on Investment: How do I best spend my next dollar?


Advertisements move me. They inspire me, they make me laugh, they make me think.

Although I am a market researcher, I still fall victim to the same advertisements a “lay” person might. Actually, I think being in the market research industry sometimes makes me even more susceptible. I make a conscious effort to say “thank you” to those that seem to put a little more time and thought into speaking effectively to their target consumer (whether it’s actually me, or not!).

Speaking the right language is only part of the game – marketers also need to know where to speak to their consumers (e.g., traditional vs. digital media). Impact assessment is an important step in the development of a successful campaign.  Whether it’s understanding if mobile is where you need to be or if billboards should be your new “bestie,” understanding marketing ROI is an integral step in creating a successful business growth strategy.

Do you know if your advertisements are moving the right people? When I laugh out loud while driving in my car and the culprit was a thoughtfully executed outdoor ad, you just might see me making an extra stop on the way home.

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